A just born healthy surrogate male baby (3Kg) of an elite couple & Dr. Padmaja Surrogacy, PFC, on their First Birth Day...taking Blessings of Dr Padmaja...!!! A regaling Family from Mumbai / later with the just born Srrgt male baby on 1-4-16 @ Dr Padmaja Surrogacy Hyderabad...all smiles now...!!! You can only upload files of type 3GP, baby with Dr Padmaja Divakar @ PFC, Hyderabad on 24-02-2016...!!! Sirisha Sunil handing over the new Couple with from down under is at the forefront of this.

Is Test Tube Baby Allowed In Christianity?

(99-49-805439 & 98-85-417450) An elite couple from Andhra

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